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Arches, balloon columns, and decorative balloon canopies are all fantastic elements to enhance event spaces and create captivating entrances or stages. Arches are a classic choice, offering a timeless and elegant way to designate entrances or frame stages. They come in a wide range of varieties and sizes, allowing for customization to suit different themes and preferences. In addition to arches, balloon columns add a playful and festive touch to event decor. They are versatile and can be designed in various colors, patterns, and sizes to match the event’s theme or color scheme. Balloon columns are especially popular for parties, grand openings, and celebratory events, adding a whimsical and eye-catching element that delights guests of all ages. Decorative balloon canopies are a unique and eye-catching way to create focal points at events. These canopies are made entirely of balloons, arranged in intricate designs to form a canopy-like structure. They can be customized with different balloon colors, shapes, and arrangements to create stunning visual effects that complement the event’s atmosphere. Decorative balloon canopies are particularly popular for outdoor events, weddings, and themed parties.

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We offer free in-studio pickup or flat $50 local delivery which includes installation anywhere in the Indianapolis area no matter the size of your order. We’ll arrive during a delivery window you choose, set up all your décor exactly where you want it and make sure it looks perfect for your event. If you’d like us to handle teardown after your event, that is usually around $75. You can add delivery and optional teardown at checkout.

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Balloon Columns are a classic way to frame an entrance, stage, or hallway and with Banzi's experience and selection, we can customize a standard design to be something spectacular.