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Bulk Helium Balloons for indoor decoration (20 balloons)

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This item includes twenty 11" latex balloons, inflated with helium and loosely tied to a weight so you can decorate with them yourself.

Dozens of loose balloons make for beautiful ceiling decor. This spectacular effect is easy to achieve. Just take clusters of balloons and release them onto the ceiling. Other clients like our bulk balloons so they can make their own bouquets or tie them onto the back of chairs. In either case, these bouquets come tied loosely to a weight rather than beautifully arranged because you'll be untying them anyway. Here's a few things to know.

1. It usually takes more balloons than you would think to cover a ceiling. A fully inflated balloon is 11 inches, so it fills just under a square foot of space. If you'd like to fill your 12 by 15 foot living room, that comes to 180 balloons, which is manageable, but still expensive. If you're looking to fill the ceiling of a 40 by 60 foot banquet hall, it'll be nearly $10,000. Putting the balloons more spaced out often looks too sparse, so think about your design and talk to our professional sales team before you make your decisions.

2. Our bulk balloons are NOT meant for balloon releases. Banzi stands with the entire balloon industry in leaving balloon releases in the past where they belong. Even though our latex balloons are biodegradable, it does take time for them to break down, and the environmental impact of dropping debris over land downwind is purely negative. According to Indiana anti-littering laws, balloon releases are illegal and you must affirm that you are not ordering for a balloon release when ordering our bulk helium balloons.

3. No, that bit about not providing balloons for releases is not us "covering our butts" legally. We truly don't want to litter and will not provide balloons for balloon releases. Please don't ask us to do so.

Delivery Price:
No matter the size of your order, the delivery price is just $50 anywhere in Indianapolis.
If you’re located farther away, the travel cost will be calculated at checkout based on your zip code.

If you’d prefer to save money, click “Pick up from studio” at checkout and you can schedule a time to pick it up. Of course, larger décor elements require some on-site assembly and a large enough vehicle to transport them, so you might just want to have us deliver it.

Helium Balloons:
A standard size latex helium balloon will float for 12-24 hours depending on temperature and other variables. We use Hi-Float in all our latex helium balloons to help them last up to ten times as long. If you need your balloons to last a specific length of time, please contact us in advance so we can adjust our production schedule or recommend foil balloons or air-filled alternatives. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee the float time for helium balloons.

If you have any questions or don’t see what you’d like here, please feel free to call any time at 317-762-8008 or email us at

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