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Large designer helium balloons are captivating additions to event decor, adding a touch of elegance and whimsy to a variety of occasions. These balloons, available in a range of shapes, colors, and designs, are perfect for creating impressive visual displays at weddings, grand openings, corporate events, and galas. Their size and vibrant colors make them eye-catching focal points that can enhance the overall ambiance of any event. Large helium balloons are particularly suited for outdoor events such as garden parties, beach weddings, or music festivals, where they can float gracefully above the crowd, creating a stunning visual impact. Additionally, they can be customized with logos, messages, or branding elements, making them ideal for promotional events or product launches. Whether used individually or in clusters, large designer helium balloons are versatile decor elements that can elevate the atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on guests.

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We offer free in-studio pickup or flat $50 local delivery which includes installation anywhere in the Indianapolis area no matter the size of your order. We’ll arrive during a delivery window you choose, set up all your décor exactly where you want it and make sure it looks perfect for your event. If you’d like us to handle teardown after your event, that is usually around $75. You can add delivery and optional teardown at checkout.

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16" Super Orb with Tassel

In stock
Product Details

This super fun orb is vibrant and LOADED with color! Comes with a matching Pink, Purple, Blue Tassel for the added glam!

Includes -

(1) 16" Orb consisting of purple, wild berry, touch of orange, green, faded to blue Orb

(1) 1ft Pink, Purple, Blue Tassel

(1) Matching Foil balloon weight

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Each custom balloon is created upon purchase.

Not the colors you need? No problem. We have all sorts of Orbz and 40 colors of tassels in stock.

All balloon bouquets come arranged on a weight. As an environmentally responsible company, Banzi Balloons does not provide balloons for balloon releases and urges our clients to enjoy their balloons, then dispose of them properly.

Delivery Price:
No matter the size of your order, the delivery price is just $50 anywhere in Indianapolis.
If you’re located farther away, the travel cost will be calculated at checkout based on your zip code.

If you’d prefer to save money, click “Pick up from studio” at checkout and you can schedule a time to pick it up. Of course, larger décor elements require some on-site assembly and a large enough vehicle to transport them, so you might just want to have us deliver it.

Helium Balloons:
A standard size latex helium balloon will float for 12-24 hours depending on temperature and other variables. We use Hi-Float in all our latex helium balloons to help them last up to ten times as long. If you need your balloons to last a specific length of time, please contact us in advance so we can adjust our production schedule or recommend foil balloons or air-filled alternatives. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee the float time for helium balloons.

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