Terms & Conditions

The Nature of Balloons

Balloons are an impermanent medium. While we use the best quality balloons and materials to make sure everything looks amazing at set-up, we cannot guarantee their performance after we have left. The main enemies of balloons are heat, direct sunlight, high winds, and sharp objects. We can offer suggestions on balloon placement to mitigate these factors, but the ultimate responsibility rests with the customer.

Standard helium balloons float for up to 12 hours. We use a product called hi-float to treat our helium balloons. This can make helium balloons last up to 10 times longer. You must inform us of if there is a requirement for how long they need to last.

Our helium balloon bouquets are inflated at our studio and carefully transported to your event. Occasionally, one or more balloons may pop in transit. Since it is unfeasible to travel with extra helium tanks or drive back and forth for individual balloons, please accept our apologies if a small but manageable number of balloons pop during transit. If balloons larger than 16″ or custom vinyl printed balloons pop, they will be replaced or refunded for that particular balloon.

In the wake of COVID-19, there are shortages on some colors, brands, and sizes of balloons. If we are unable to match a color, we may need to substitute a similar color or adjust the placement of different sizes within the décor. If we need to remove a color or are not able to find a close substitute, we will ask the customer for their input before construction.

Orders and Payments

An event date is officially booked one of two ways:

  1. An order has been submitted online, a confirmation email and a google calendar invite have been sent from our sales team.


  1. An invoice has been sent. For balloon décor, invoices must be paid by the business day prior to the event date or the day of, for entertainment.

Any orders within 3 days of the event must call us prior to submitting an online order to check for availability and are subject to a Rush Order Fee.

Rush Order Fees

All orders must be solidified prior to 3 days of the event. If any changes are made to an existing order or are submitted within 3 days of the event, customers are subject to the following Rush Order Fees:

  • Orders/changes submitted 3 days before the event will be charged a 10% fee.
  • Orders/changes submitted 2 days before the event will be charged a 15% fee.
  • Orders/changes submitted 1 day before the event will be charged a 20% fee.
  • Orders/changes submitted the same day as the event will be charge a 25% fee.

Cancellations and Credits

As events book, we adjust our availability and sometimes turn down events when we do not have the crew or capacity to accommodate everyone. We also order our materials in advance to create décor.

For these reasons, cancellations for entertainment are non-refundable.

The following is an explanation of our cancellation policy for balloon décor:

  • For balloon décor cancellation up to 30 days prior to the event we will issue a credit for the entire amount to be used within 9 months.
  • For balloon décor cancellation up to 7 days prior to the event we will issue a 50% credit to be used within 9 months.
  • For balloon décor cancellation within 7 days prior to the event no credit will be issued as our team will have started on the order having purchased and used the materials.


We require a minimum of two hours for delivery and installation. We understand third-party venues can make scheduling difficult, and we will make accommodations. If the delivery window is less than two hours, the customer must understand that any delays will not result in a refund as we have the two hour policy to help us provide the best and most accurate service possible.

During the delivery window, a representative for the order must be present at the venue. If we are not able to set up the décor at the allotted time due to an incorrect address, having no representative available at the delivery location, imprecise instructions, or an unsafe environment, we reserve the right to charge an additional delivery fee or leave the balloon décor undelivered, in which case no refund will be given.

Similarly, if the order is to be picked up from our studio, a representative must be there at the agreed upon pick-up time. We work under strict time constraints and reserve the right to leave after 30 minutes, in which case no refund will be given.


We are masters of rigging balloon garlands and large scale installations. We may use monofilament tied to existing structures, magnets, command hooks, or tape to secure our balloon décor. Our garlands specifically require attachment to something solid enough to hold it up such as a wall or one of our many rentals. It is extremely difficult to attach to brick or porous stone. If it is impossible, or impractical, to rig in a certain location, we will let the customer know why and help them find an alternate location for their décor. We often use command hooks and monofilament to secure balloon décor to walls. If removed properly (by pulling the tab in a downward motion) they do not mar surfaces or remove paint. Nonetheless, if walls are damaged it is the responsibility of the customer rather than the installer.


If the design includes reusable materials (bases, poles, pipe/drape, steel frames, magnets, or faux floral) the materials MUST be returned to our studio within 10 days or have a scheduled teardown service. Teardown services must be scheduled and paid for in advance. If the customer fails to bring our materials back, they will be billed for the replacement value of the materials after 10 days.


The cost of entertainment includes materials, travel within Indianapolis and nearby suburbs, parking, and of course the entertainment itself. Gratuity is not expected, but if the entertainer does a great job, feel free to tip after the event.

We work with only the best local entertainers. A customer may be lucky enough to have Brian or Christina Getz as their entertainer(s), but if they are not available it will be one of our other amazing colleagues. All bookings are rain or shine. Please have a rain location available in case of inclement weather. Cancellations due to weather are non-refundable and must be paid in full.

If the event is outdoors, please provide a shaded place to entertain. This is for the comfort of the guests and entertainer, as well as keeping the balloons from overheating and popping. If the event includes a DJ, please consider placing the entertainment as far away as possible. Our ability to joke around and engage the crowd while entertaining sets us apart as Indy’s premier balloon entertainers. If it’s too loud for the guests to hear us, they won’t have as much fun.

We try to get a balloon to each guest and treat each guest with courtesy. When there are fewer guests, we will make larger designs; when there are more guests, we may make smaller, quicker designs or a surprise balloon for each guest in order to keep the line moving. When the allotted time is up, we may need to leave quickly for our next event. Any extra time is at the discretion of the performer.

If the event location has changed without notice to and the acknowledgement of Banzi Balloons/Pretty Funny Balloons, the supplied address is incorrect or insufficient, or the location is deemed unsafe, then entertainment will be canceled and payment will still be due in full.

Liability and Insurance

We carry a $2M insurance policy. If your company requires a Certificate of Insurance, the price is $10 for a standard COI or $25 if you need us to name your organization as an additional insured.