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Balloon hoops offer a dynamic and versatile option for event decorations, suitable for a wide range of occasions and venues. Their unique design makes them perfect for creating memorable entrances at weddings, providing an elegant and whimsical touch that sets the tone for the celebration. Birthday parties can be transformed with colorful and festive balloon hoops, serving as eye-catching centerpieces or imaginative photo backdrops for guests. For baby showers, delicate pastel balloon hoops can add a charming and playful atmosphere, enhancing the joy of the occasion. Corporate events can benefit from sophisticated branded balloon hoops, incorporating company colors and logos to create a professional yet engaging ambiance. Graduation parties can utilize balloon hoops as creative displays to welcome guests or as focal points for memorable photo opportunities. Moreover, balloon hoops are incredibly versatile for themed events, whether it’s a tropical luau, a vintage-inspired soirée, or a festive holiday gathering, they can be customized to suit any theme and add a touch of magic to the decor.

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We offer free in-studio pickup or flat $50 local delivery which includes installation anywhere in the Indianapolis area no matter the size of your order. We’ll arrive during a delivery window you choose, set up all your décor exactly where you want it and make sure it looks perfect for your event. If you’d like us to handle teardown after your event, that is usually around $75. You can add delivery and optional teardown at checkout.

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7 Foot Standard Steel Hoop - Includes Balloon Garland

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Product Details
Our beautiful Steel Hoop is the perfect centerpiece for weddings, showers, corporate events and other gatherings. This 6.5 to 7.5 foot hoop can be customized to fit your theme, colors and style. The price includes the garland and rental of the hoop itself.

Our Standard level hoop includes 9, 11 and 16 inch balloons as well as smaller five inch balloons flowing in rivers between them. For a little bit more, you can add your choice of foil balloons, foil letters/numbers, starbursts, "orbz" or faux floral.

Wrapping the hoop:
Our economical Half Wrap includes two organic clusters on opposite sides of the hoop
A Diagonal Wrap cuts across the front of the hoop diagonally
Full Wrap is our most popular, covering about 5/6ths of the hoop, but purposely leaving a section exposed to help draw the eye into seeing the complete circle and rounding out the natural bumps and bends of the organic style.
Our Complete Circle Wrap goes all the way around the hoop without any gap.

NOTE: We have two different styles of hoop available. Our one-piece white hoop is 6.5 feet in diameter, while our break-apart gold colored hoops are around 7.5 feet. Due to the popularity of these designs, we do not always have the white hoop available and may choose to use either design for your order. If you have a strong preference, you can let us know and we will attempt to accommodate your request. If you'd like to add a fabric cover or tear down and return the hoop yourself, we recommend the gold hoop. The fabric covers are available as an add-on and can be found as a separate item in the "hoops, frames and add-ons" category.

Delivery Price:

No matter the size of your order, the delivery price is just $50 anywhere in Indianapolis.
If you’re located farther away, the travel cost will be calculated at checkout based on your zip code.

If you’d prefer to save money, click “Pick up from studio” at checkout and you can schedule a time to pick it up. Of course, larger décor elements require some on-site assembly and a large enough vehicle to transport them, so you might just want to have us deliver it.

The white steel hoop is cumbersome. Teardown service is HIGHLY recommended. You can return the hoop to our studio at 5145 E 65th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220 if you have a large enough vehicle, or choose the “teardown” option at checkout.

If you have any questions or don’t see what you’d like here, please feel free to call any time at 317-762-8008 or email us at

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