Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos


We provide professional Face Painting, featuring skin-safe, non-toxic paints that bring smiles to young and old faces alike. Dive into the world of fun with our Glitter and Real-matte® tattoos, perfect for birthday bashes, company picnics, church gatherings, and even lively college parties.

Face Painting

child face painting

Choose from a versatile menu of over two dozen creative options, expertly brought to life by our talented face painting artists. Our designs range from beloved princesses and adorable animals to fearless Ninja Turtles and powerful Super Heroes. We’re always open to taking special requests or matching our designs to suit the season’s festivities. Your child’s imagination is the limit!

Glitter Tattoos

kitty glitter tattoo

Our top-rated choice, Glitter Tattoos, are incredibly enjoyable and durable, perfect for any weather conditions. (You won’t have to fret about sweat or rain.) With a vast selection of 100 unique designs and over 20 dazzling glitter colors, these tattoos last for 3-7 days but can be easily removed with soap and water if needed.

Real Matte® Tattoos

real matte skin tattoo

Our temporary tattoos appear astonishingly lifelike. Through the use of child-safe black ink and mesh stencils, we’ve mastered over 100 designs with sharp, clear lines that closely resemble real tattoos. Although they’re not permanent, these tattoos typically remain vibrant for 3-7 days.