Balloon Twisting


With a skilled balloon twister at work, simple balloons transform into intricate animals, colorful flowers, and imaginative characters, adding a touch of magic and creativity to any occasion.

Event Twisting

November event balloon twisting

Balloon twisting is the star attraction at our events. It’s the crowd-pleaser for any occasion, from corporate gatherings and church picnics to school carnivals and backyard cookouts. Our team of skilled balloon artists is here to elevate your event with colorful and imaginative creations. We don’t just stop at kids’ parties; we’re experts at adding that extra element of fun to all-adult celebrations as well.

Educational Programs

real matte skin tattoo

We have a passion for utilizing balloons as a captivating medium to educate and inspire audiences. Our repertoire includes dynamic library programs, engaging STEM initiatives, and impactful school convocations.

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Birthday Parties

kitty glitter tattoo

When birthdays come to mind, balloons are the first thought, and our entertainers bring their unique flair to every celebration. During our standard 2-hour party, here’s what you can expect:

  • Crafting a grand balloon for the birthday star or guest of honor.
  • Crafting delightful balloons for all guests, both young and young at heart.
  • Engaging in age-appropriate balloon games (tailored to the ages, time, and space available).
  • Providing a hands-on lesson in crafting balloon dogs, ensuring everyone has a balloon to take home.
  • Concluding the festivities with a fabulous, eye-catching hat for the birthday child to wear.

For smaller gatherings with fewer than 15 children, you have the option of a combo party. This entails 1 hour of face painting or glitter tattoos followed by 1 hour of balloon artistry. During this combination, our focus will be on crafting remarkable balloons rather than games or balloon dogs, delivering twice the fun for the same fantastic price.

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