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Super Sculptures


Super Sculptures provide an excellent team-building opportunity. Corporate, student, or ministry volunteers can collaborate with our skilled artists, assisting with tasks like inflating, tying, and weaving various sections of the sculpture. Our team oversees the finer details and guides the project. Remarkably, in many instances, we can craft a massive sculpture in just one day.


Setting Designs

Our most ambitious project thus far involved crafting a colossal dragonfly sculpture. This 88-foot marvel, located at the Indiana State Museum, demanded over 400 crew hours and earned the distinction of breaking the world record for the largest modeling balloon sculpture created by a team. Since then, we have embarked on even more remarkable endeavors, including constructing a full-sized TIE fighter that soared from a hot air balloon, bringing to life a life-sized dinosaur, and journeying across the nation to create gigantic designs, ranging from airplanes and elephants to Vikings and teddy bears.